The President “Raymund Arnold S. Alberto”

The President “Raymund Arnold S. Alberto”2019-01-28T03:54:21+08:00

Raymund Arnold S. Alberto

Raymund Arnold S. Alberto, (RASA), born in Quezon City, Philippines, a Licensed Geodetic Engineer and a Filipino businessman with keen interest in Land Surveying and Geomatics. He earned his degree in Geodetic Engineering at University of the Philippines, Diliman and earned units in Remote Sensing and Urban Planning. He ranked 4th place in 1994 Board Examinations in Geodetic Engineering and also passed the licensure examination for Real Estate Brokers. After his oath taking as a Licensed Geodetic Engineer, he established his own company namely RASA SURVEYING AND REALTY.

RASA keeps his company’s thrusts of “Traversing the Path of Surveying Technology” by making sure that it catches up with the latest trends in the field of Geomatics through attending International Conferences that enables him to gather experiences and expertise for professional application.

As he determinedly develops his clients in the geospatial industry for almost two decades now, RASA SURVEYING became a preferred company to execute almost all high profile engineering projects both in private and government. It is continuously serving both local and international consultants in assisting them to produce high quality and accurate maps as a reference in developing key infrastructures. From this flagship company emerged numerous successful ventures in distributorship of high technology surveying equipment, distribution of Engineering and Mapping Software and High Resolution Satellite Imagery.

RASA’s specialized services have been extending to his membership and positions to different professional affiliations. He was recently elected as one of the Board of Trustees of UP Alumni Engineer and gain association to international organizations such as Institution of Surveyors of Australia (ISA) and ASEAN Federation of Land Surveyors and Geomatics.

Apart from this, he was also tasked to organize the first South East Asian Survey Congress here in the Philippines that was held at PICC last June 18-20, 2013.

From 2000 up to present, RASA has been receiving numerous plaques of recognition and awards from different private entities and organizations for his continuous contribution on his field. He was acknowledged as the Most Outstanding Regional President in 2010 and Most Outstanding Geodetic Engineer in Private Practice by the Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines (GEP), Outstanding Alumnus of the UP- Department of Geodetic Engineering in 2012 and Outstanding Professional of the Year, 2013 by the Philippine Regulation Commission.

As an expression of service, RASA became a Centennial President of the Rotary Club of Roces in 2004. Today, he is imparting knowledge by teaching Geodetic Engineering students in UP and FEATI University.

Also, his company has been supporting small projects in education, culture and sports; health and social welfare; research; and manpower development in his community.

Some of the projects operated by the company provided job opportunities to the needy citizens in rural areas. Through him, these people were given a chance to earn, aside from that, they were granted an opportunity to see their selves as skillful beings that can be a part of a prestigious institution that offers excellent service. RASA’s secret to success does not fully rely on his exceptional capabilities in managing the company. The generous acts that he unceasingly offers the community crafted his individuality and humanity which clearly upholds the reason behind his triumph. Thus, he is not just a prosperous businessman, but also a man of character and heart.

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