UAV Aerial Drone Mapping in the Philippines

UAV Aerial drone mapping solution Philippines

UAV Aerial Drone Mapping in the Philippines

RASA Survey utilize latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles “(UAV)” or Aerial drone equipment, work station and software to sustain the quality innovation for advance surveying and aerial mapping in the Philippines.


  • Fast and accurate results.
  • Accessible and user friendly.
  • Programmable to maximize area coverage.
  • Safe and non polluting.

Application of UAV Aerial Drone Mapping

  • Construction, Mining and Engineering
  • 30 modeling and visualization
  • Management (Waste, Disaster and Asset)
  • Assessment (Safety, Damage)
  • Road works and Pipelines (oil, gas…)
  • Monitoring (Agriculture)
  • Volume calculation (stock piles)
  • Research

Our Aerial Drone Mapping Professionals have been undergoing vigorous training locally and internationally to provide accurate quality aerial drone mapping operation from Metro Manila to different provinces in the Philippines. For more information regarding Aerial Drone Mapping and video click here or for inquiry click here.